What ethical caveats and guidelines exist when doing Open Science?

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asked Oct 17, 2017 in Open Science by nichtich (20 points)

Doing Science openly is great in general but it may come with some ethical implications or difficulties. Has anyone elaborated this yet? All I could find is a brief summary of a discussion about Research Ethics and Open Science in 2015 by Jessica Parland von Essen. In summary the following issues came to my head so far:

  • Sensitive data about people (e.g. in sociology, ethnology...)
  • Citing people without compromising their integrity (e.g. interviews)
  • Animal testing and other possibly unethical research practice
  • Potentially dangerous information (chemicals, drugs...)
  • Safety of researcher when working on controversial topics (religion, animal studies...)
  • Oversimplification when presenting research
  • The line between open presentation and improper marketing
  • Disclosure of private information about researchers (names, dates, pictures, places visited...)
  • Commercial interest

Sure there are no simple answers to ethical questions but who has tried to find?

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