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The research landscape is complex, and different actors have different options to help with a systemic move towards open science.

Research service providers

  • provide research service
  • interact with researchers
  • help administrate financial, legal, ethical, technical and other aspects of research
  • help communicate research
  • do many other things

In this thread, I would like us to explore which options research service providers have to encourage open science in-house as well as in the communities and other stakeholders they interact with.

If you have multiple ideas for concrete actions, I suggest to post them as separate answers (rather than as one monolithic answer), so as to facilitate the discussion and refinement of your ideas.

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Charge for services they provide, not for content created by others.
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Serve open projects for free, charge non-open ones. An example of such an approach is the pricing policy of GitHub, one of the major platforms for collaborative software development:

GitHub is free to use for public and open source projects. Work together across unlimited private repositories with a paid plan.

Some more details are available here.

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