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For publishing Open Data, the CC-licenses have become quite popular, because they allow an easy-to-use modular selection of rights and obligations (BY, SA, NC, ND). However, there are also database licenses that cover the same rights and obligations as the CC-licenses:

  • Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL) ==> corresponds to CC0
  • Attribution License (ODC-By) ==> corresponds to CC-BY
  • Open Database License (ODC-ODbL) ==> corresponds to CC-BY-SA

Do these have advantages (or disadvantages) over the CC-licenses?

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There are quite some useful answers over in that other thread, e.g. pointing out that CC licenses (but not CC0) are built on copyright, so they can only apply to data when the latter are copyrightable, which is often not the case.

Can you be a bit more specific in terms of what you are looking for and what is not there? I also saw that you posted a follow-up at https://ask-open-science.org/1397/where-can-i-find-an-overview-of-open-data-licenses , to which I replied there.

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