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There are lots of elements to the open science ecosystem, and the connections between them may be very strong or rather loose, so I am wondering what approaches could be taken to visualize this ecosystem.

Initially, I think any visualization would be useful, but over time, I would hope we could develop this into a dashboard that allows to explore the landscape in various ways.

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https://openknowledgemaps.org does something like that, I guess. If you're looking to work on something like this, there's the Literature Discovery via Open Citation Network proposal in the eLife Innovation Sprint that has some interested contributors and related resources that you might want to look at.

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The way I understand Daniel's question is that the diagram should have services as its nodes, not documents. This rules out OK Maps as well as citation networks, I'm afraid.
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Ah, you are completely right Christian, my apologies. In that case, perhaps a good starting point would be https://101innovations.wordpress.com/
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Yes, I think filtering the "101 innovations" (which by now number in multiple hundreds) for ones that are either open or widely used in open science contexts would be a good starting point.
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You can filter them in their most recent Google Docs, although of course that requires you to first run Google's proprietary JavaScript.

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