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OATP = Open Access Tracking Project: http://tagteam.harvard.edu/hubs/oatp/items

For example, where you could find more European/German related content?

Somehow related thinks I was already told (or found through the search function here):

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The Open Access Tracking Project has dozens of open access posts per day, they aim to be comprehensive and they have many outlets. My project on Mastodon, the Fediverse, is a lot smaller, I am more selective and post a lot less, but I have a DACH version of the Open Science Feed on Mastodon. https://fediscience.org/@OpenScienceDeutschland

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The OATP is global. For its coverage of OA in Germany, for example, see the items tagged with "oa.germany". (And so on for other countries and regions.)


OATP is like Wikipedia in the sense that it covers what its volunteer contributors choose to cover. If its coverage of OA in a certain country is weak, that means that we need more active contributors who follow OA developments in that country.

More details in the OATP FAQ.


Also see the OATP home page.


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