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In the R community there exists a famous blog aggregator (R-bloggers).

People who write a blog about R can automatically send each post also to R-bloggers and with this increase their visibility a lot (there is always also a link to the original post).

Does something like this also exist for Open Science? If not, would anyone be interested in creating something like this?

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There's an opportunity to make one; or perhaps an openly shared OPML subscription file people could use in their preferred news reader.

There is

OpenUp Hub has a category for Open Science https://www.openuphub.eu/community/blog/category/category-1

Leibniz Research Alliance has a handful of feeds in a hub http://www.leibniz-science20.de/aktuelles-aktivitaeten/blog/

Science Seeker is big (2000+ feeds) but is not open science http://www.scienceseeker.org/

CORE is aggregating open science research papers https://core.ac.uk/ - it has a robust API but perhaps not RSS?? https://core.ac.uk/
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I like your idea to use RSS feeds collected in a standard OPML file. These work in most feed readers.

I do not know CORE that well – it is a publication aggegator. BASE is similar, but it is also one of the largest academic search engines, and you can turn any search result into an RSS feed. For instance, this one lists all research papers that are open access: https://www.base-search.net/Search/Results?join=AND&bool0%5B%5D=OR&lookfor0%5B%5D=111&type0%5B%5D=doctype&lookfor0%5B%5D=12%2A&type0%5B%5D=doctype&lookfor0%5B%5D=13&type0%5B%5D=doctype&lookfor0%5B%5D=14&type0%5B%5D=doctype&lookfor0%5B%5D=15&type0%5B%5D=doctype&lookfor0%5B%5D=17&type0%5B%5D=doctype&lookfor0%5B%5D=18%2A&type0%5B%5D=doctype&lookfor0%5B%5D=19&type0%5B%5D=doctype&bool1%5B%5D=OR&lookfor1%5B%5D=1&type1%5B%5D=access&sort=dchdate_sort%20desc&view=rss&l=en&oaboost=1&refid=dcrssen
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the closer I see (know of) is the open access tracking project: https://cyber.harvard.edu/hoap/Open_Access_Tracking_Project

(anyone able to tag web pages or to follow specific tags)

That projects seem to show that "open science" is a probably too broad subject for a unique blog aggregator, and it might be better to focus on different aspects of open science ?
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