Where can I publish a paper on a reproducibility experiment with several subject areas?

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asked Jul 10, 2017 in Open Science by Christian Pietsch (270 points)
edited Jul 10, 2017 by Christian Pietsch
A research project I am involved in is internally performing what we call a “40 hours reproducibility challenge” with several research groups from various subject areas. Basically, with each research group, we try to reproduce the data analysis from a selected paper using open source tools such as R or Python – within a time frame of forty hours for each paper.

What would be good venues/journals to publish a paper summarizing lessons learnt from this experiment? We would appreciate peer review and open access. Are there any journals dealing specifically with (analytical) reproducibility and replicability? Would our topic be welcome in more general journals?
commented Jul 25, 2017 by Dilaton (100 points)
Maybe some journal that deals with data analysis and statistics?


Unfortunately not all of them are equally open science friendly ...

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answered Jul 25, 2017 by dlaehnemann (20 points)
Check out ReScience, aimed at replicating already published research: https://rescience.github.io/

Openly peer-reviewed via pull-requests on GitHub and also published there.
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answered Sep 28, 2017 by Daniel Mietchen (1,255 points)

Such papers would be welcome at Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO): http://riojournal.com/ . One of its article types are replication studies.

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