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The other one is Quentin.

  What does it mean? It means you're ALIVE, man! Alive and living your part in this crazy improv skit and now you have a new non sequitur to pretend to make sense of for a few minutes until the next one comes along. I woke up and there were two toothpicks next to my coffee grinder. They were there because I had made muffins the other morning, but that's NOT what they MEANT - they meant that I was ALIVE!

  If this stuff - the questions, the community - if it starts to get to you that way, take a break. This should be fun; something you do for the love of the topic, of the profession, in hope of building resources that are better than the ones you had to learn from. If it isn't fun any more, stop doing it.
  I had to take a break from SO years back for the same reason; I was starting to get really bitter about the people. You see too much crap, too many arguments about crap, too many folks saying things they can't take back over things that have no value.
  I walked away for ~6 months. Did some other things. Had fun. And it was fun again when I came back.
  But if it hadn't been, I wouldn't be here now. And that'd be ok too.
  Life's too short, too full of unavoidable misery, to waste on misery that can be avoided.

(both quotes: Shog9)

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